HR Automation Process

  • Identify the project owner. In automation of HR administration, it’s important to establish the project owner who will handle the operations of the system and also does several roles in this initial stages:
    • Communicate with department involved
    • Understand the needs of the end users
    • Effectively convince all stakeholders of the need of having HR Software.
    This process is very important since the biggest challenge of rolling out a new system is user’s resistance.
  • Collect requirements. After bringing all departments on board, the project owner should obtain the information about HR processes from end users and all parties involved. There are several ways to collect this information e.g. asking questions, questionnaires, identifying and analyzing current business processes.
  • Mapping the processes. In this phase the project owner should work with IT department to put all the HR processes in a diagram. This should also bring end user on board to ensure that essential components and departmental needs are not left out. This process also helps in assigning permissions to different categories of users.
  • Training. As the HR department transit from manual to automated system training is very important to handle this transition. Training takes different forms
    • Department-tailored training on the operation of the HR Software.
    • Online training
    • User group training; users exchange knowledge and best practices.
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