Benefits Of PAYRUN in HR Automation

Payrun payroll software is a very resourceful HR software. This HR Software helps the employer in managing, structuring and remunerating the human capital. The Human Capital Management helps increase productivity of employees since the employer is able to measure their current value and also enhance their future through investing in them. This system is also useful in tracking the employee’s academic history and work experiences which helps in profiling of the employees. Payrun payroll system helps to process salaries efficiently. This capability brings satisfaction of services and enhances openness and accountability.
Payrun system is also used as the PAYE calculator and other deductions e.g. NSSF, NHIF.This also helps an organization to be KRA compliant. It also generates reports of all legal deductions in various formats e.g. excel, word, pdf and also print out. The payrun payroll system also allows the users to send these reports to their emails. This reduces paperwork and increases accessibility of such reports if they are needed. The system is also used in processing of payments and allocation of allowances and deductions to employees. Payrun system also allows employees to print or/and email their pay slips. Employers are able to manage all employees’ sick leaves, paid leaves, unpaid leaves in the system.

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