Sector Information

Payrun payroll software is a dynamic system which is used in various sectors in Kenya. They include:
  • Education sector
  • Payrun is being used in college and institutions of higher learning. The payrun system is used to manage the full time and part-time teaching staff and all the employees of the institutions. It manages the rate of payments, allowances and benefits entitled to each depending with the amount of hours they work.It also help in salary processing.
  • Public sector.
  • This includes parastatals, government departments and public companies. Payrun is also very useful in I government and public sectors. The public sector is known with the benefits package and job stability that every employee is entitled and therefore payrun is very resourceful in managing all this. Payrun also manage the deductions, retirement benefits of the public servants.
  • Retail industry.
  • This includes distributors and dealers. The payrun system is very useful to them since they are characterized by multiple location management and management of employees. Payrun also help manage suppliers nad payrolls.
  • Business sector
  • This include small business e.g. electronics, cosmetics business which uses payrun to keep records of suppliers and also internal management of their employees ie management of payrolls and salaries processing.
  • Service industry
  • Payrun is used in service delivery companies e.g. security, cleaning and constructions. The payrun system is used to manage all employees’ information, customers, suppliers etc. This enhances service delivery and efficiency

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